Corporate Offerings: 


Chronic stress is now known to be the root cause for many illnesses. Stress, in a busy corporation, can drive down employee performance. Over time, if the stress is left unchecked, immune systems can become compromised, sleep issues can develop, heart disease can manifest in high levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure, as well as other auto-immune diseases. More corporations see the importance of offering measures and incentives for their employees to stay healthy. A healthier population of employees will result in a more productive company overall, as well as helping to keep health costs down. 


Retreats on Site:

Yoga Therapeutics offers one day retreats for corporations to offer their employees. During the day-long event, our yoga therapists will teach gentle stretching, chair yoga, our signature “Just breathe” exercises, and mindfulness practices. This program can be tailored for half-day or even two hour sessions.

Write to us for program rates.